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Fashion fundamentals and technical vocubulary | Sandra Liliana Arenas Reyes | 9789588494661

Fashion fundamentals and technical vocubulary

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Código: FAA006013
Isbn: 978-958-8494-66-1
Terminado: Rustico
Año: 2013
Páginas: 154
Tamaño: 21 x 28 cm.
Edición: PRIMERA
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Being bilingual is an academic requirement, mandatory for the international development and dynamics of the markets in today’s world. In order to participate actively and in a proactive way in this context fashion designers must be proficient in a second and even a third language. According to what was stated previously and consequenthy with the institutional guidelines regarding the improvement of bilingualism in the Areandina community, this text book has been proposed as a useful tool to learning the basics of fashion design as a contribution to bilingualism in the profession.

Fashion Fundamentals and Technical Vocabulary is a compilation and update of the basic concepts of the fashion design in english, with the technical terminology relevant to the discipline.

It was made for students who are willing to enter the world of fashion and for those people who work in it and who want to improve their communication skills in the language. It focuses on the development and understanding of vocabulary, key concepts and practical skills related to the areas of design, fashion, textile and techniques; allowing them to apply the fundamentals of the design in a more effective way in innovation projects according to the market trends.